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This program may not be right for you if you are taking prescription anti-depressants, have been diagnosed with schitzophrenia, bipolar or BPD or are experiencing suicidal ideations.

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You Can Heal From

Childhood neglect and abuse

“Not enough-ness”


Fear of intimacy and connection

Chronic illness



Hang-ups around food

Abusive relationships

Feeling constantly triggered

Money issues

Living in fear

Resistance to change


People pleasing



Because everything on the list is really the same thing: trauma related to your disconnection from yourself, from God, and from your inherent wholeness.

Welcome to Transforming Trauma!

An 8-week experience designed to help you re-pattern
your nervous system for healing!


Using the medicines of microdosing, breathwork, somatic experiencing, parts work, ritual, and connection with yourself and God, I will guide you through a trauma-healing process to help you shift from
surviving to thriving. 

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Previous Student

I am significantly less triggered and less reactive. I’m experiencing less negative thinking and more visioning of things going right. I don’t feel out of control! I have more presence, sensitivity, deeper meditations and connection to Spirit.


Previous Student

This changed my life. It showed me how to be more present, less reactive and be more in my heart. My thinking is more positive and I have a deeper connection to my soul.


Previous Student

This experience is profoundly moving! This was unlike anything else I have ever tried. The support and guidance in this program helped to guide me along the way to processing my trauma in a gentle, yet deeply effective way. I feel empowered and resilient moving forward. Forever grateful!

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My Healing Story

I knew all the things about healing! At least I thought I did.

I had been in therapy on and off for decades, was a masterful Health Coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, had a mindfulness practice, ate super clean, went to yoga, and understood what it took to have physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

And yet at 37 years old, even with all my tools, I was in a very dark place.

After giving birth to my second son I found myself in a tremendous amount of pain, physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

It was a darkness like nothing I had ever known.

I was exhausted and wired at the same time in a way that it’s easy to write off as “I have a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night yet” but felt so much more devastating than that. 

I felt constantly irritated, distracted, overwhelmed, and hopeless. 

I was stuck in an endless loop of repeating thoughts about a friendship and business partnership that had failed the year before, and obsessed with finding a solution for the breast-pain that tortured me around the clock. I took handfuls of antihistamines for my non-stop allergic reactions to everything.

I made poor decisions, got into fender-benders while driving, struggled to maintain my obligations in the community or arrive anywhere on time, and I lashed out at my husband and oldest child with regularity.

I was a legitimate hot mess.

One fateful summer day a dear friend offered me the gift that would change my life: a small spice jar filled with ground psilocybin mushrooms.

“Take a small pinch every few days” she advised me.

About 30 minutes after taking my first-ever dose on an empty stomach at the beach, I remember feeling this subtle yet distinguishable lift in my mood.

Gah, I was present!

Colors were a tad bit brighter, my words and actions were slightly more meaningful, and I felt like I could smile.

I’m not sure I actually did, but even the echo of a smile was progress for me at that point.

I was able to look out at the horizon and breathe in the beauty of the ocean with a more open heart.

That day, my world went from black and white to color.

What followed was several years of consistent experimentation with mushrooms.

The medicine had an intelligence and energy of love that astonished me. I understood it was important to dose with intention and gratitude.

I quickly developed a rich spiritual life that did not exist before this, taking time in my day to pray and connect with God, myself and my microdosing intentions.

The medicine of psilocybin cracked me open.

I saw my blind spots, maybe for the first time ever, and my mind began to change.

As I found an intentional rhythm with dosing and developed my own system for working with the mushrooms, I was able to move myself into a place of deeper trust and faith around my life path.

Instead of being a victim to my circumstances I was able to see solutions, articulate what I needed, and walk myself through the open doors that were previously too scary to acknowledge.

And yet, I was still easily triggered and highly emotionally reactive. Even though mushrooms were helping me see the truth in everything, I couldn’t figure out how to actually feel safe in my body!

Until I found breathwork.

After my first full-length breathwork journey where I sobbed and laughed and danced and felt the entirety of my experience, I was completely blown away by how grounded I felt.

Breathwork invited me to connect to the wisdom of my body and sit at the seat of my soul. 

Around this time I left the mainstream hustle and moved to the country with my family, I prioritized my health over everything, and my true work in the world emerged.

I came to understand that I wasn’t just inflamed, I was living with the imprint of trauma on my body and trying to walk through life with a completely dysregulated nervous system.

Microdosing combined with breathwork and other somatic healing techniques helped me heal in a way that therapy, yoga, meditation, and functional medicine had never touched.

I was able to go days and weeks and months free of huge emotional triggers.

My relationships improved, my health restored, my heart opened.

In Spring of 2023 I launched a study with 47 participants measuring the impact of microdosing with breathwork combined.

The results were astonishing.

  • 66% improvement in close relationships
  • 58% improvement in feeling overwhelmed or on edge
  • 68% improvement in using screens and other substances to numb
  • 64% improvement in dissociated and detached responses

And more...

This course is intended to offer the exact same parameters of that study combined with more somatic practices, trauma healing ceremonies and an optional body detoxification bonus. 

I believe that this method was given to me as a gift, not just to heal myself, but to support others in healing as well. 

I am a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine. 

I am a Certified Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator. 

I have been working with and studying psychedelic medicine, specifically psilocybin, for 7 years.

I can't wait to work with you!












The Method

Transforming Trauma has 3 phases, rolled out over 8 weeks of live sessions. Video lessons and guided healing audios round out the program. 

Phase 1: Foundations for Healing (weeks 1-2)

In this opening phase we begin the healing experience and create a foundation of safety and knowledge. You will learn how your nervous system actually works, so you can work with it. Microdosing and breathwork are both introduced with intention and practiced with care in this phase. All of your individual questions are answered in a small group format, and your intention for the program is solidified. 

Phase 2: Healing Trauma (week 3-6)

This is the longest phase of the course, and the most impactful. You will learn how to shift out of unhelpful patterns with a step-by-step daily formula that you will practice for the rest of the program, and maybe even the rest of your life. I will guide you through rich trauma-healing work that is designed to permanently shift the way you show up around your triggers. What you put in is what you get out, this is a time for taking care of yourself, letting go of what's not important, and letting your healing be your highest priority.

Phase 3: Integrating Your Healing (week 7-8)

In this phase you have a chance to process what is moving through you and let the work settle in your system. You will have the option to engage in some body detoxification and gut healing using simple protocols and will continue to practice all of the techniques, skills and tools you have learned in the previous weeks of the program.

I'm Ready to Heal


I feel like I had a rebirth. I am nowhere near the same person when I started this journey. I was gently led to place of surrender, wrapped in a cocoon, given two sacred tools of Earth and Air and gifted an opportunity to lean into self-discovery while being guided with pure love and grace. A chance to go as far as I wanted to go within my entire being; mind, body, heart, soul and discover all parts of me. On the other side I am transformed into an entirely different being!


I now have so much more grace, patience and love towards myself. This has a snowball effect and it is incredibly rewarding. I’m experiencing more acceptance for where I am in my life and what’s happening at any given moment.


This experience has been a catalyst for positive change for me! I have worked through years of being “stuck” and now I am more present and am living in a proactive state, instead of being anxious and reactive. I understand myself & others better now than I ever have!

Previous Student

This journey has not only taught me how to look at healing from a non linear space but unknowingly has introduced me to myself in ways I had no idea existed in me.



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