Healing happens on the journey, not at the destination. 

Healing Breathwork Ceremonies

The best way to breathe and heal with me live is to join my Breathwork Membership. I guide a powerful journey twice per month over zoom and it's an amazing community of self-healers!

My group trauma-healing program launches in March 2024, you can join the waitlist.

I offer a free breathwork drop-in on the first Sunday of every month live on Instagram at 11:11am EST, and this re-play is then shared on my YouTube channel. 

At the moment, I am not taking one-on-one clients. 


We all need tools, and sometimes they come in the form of a magic fungi from nature. Taken in tiny doses, mushrooms can offer deep healing.

You must schedule a consult to ensure you are a match for this service.

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Spiritual & Psychedelic Coaching 

I offer one-on-one guidance for those interested in combining microdosing + breathwork over a 6 month period. We meet twice each month and communicate between sessions through the app Telegram. These select clients receive unparalleled support and guidance for navigating their healing. Sessions are a combination of processing and embodiment work. Learn more here.

Healing Membership

The Journey to Heal Membership is absolutely amazing! Live group breathwork ceremonies, recordings to work with, and a social feed that is the complete opposite of toxic. Come meet your people and heal!

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I share videos on everything from how to microdose with intention, to how to breathe for healing virtually anything. Many of the Breathwork Church re-plays live here!

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Breathwork Church

Live the first Sunday of every month at 11:11am EST, I show up on Instagram and offer a container for breath and prayer. It's an awesome, free way to keep energy moving!

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 "An absolutely incredible experience. In the days following the breathwork session a “knowing” within me has become stronger and I have taken action without overthinking, but by intuitively guiding myself. I’m so grateful for this experience! Ryanna is in her zone of genius as a breathwork facilitator. "


"I was meant to work with Ry. My capacity to be present with my husband and 4 children has expanded, and my connection to spirit and my higher self has never been so open. Her medicine and guidance has had a pivotal impact on me and my life, and I am eternally grateful. "

- Alyssa 


"Ry is amazing at guiding breathwork! She's grounded, present, intuitive, and I can tell she loves what she does. Definitely recommend her for this kind of healing! "

- Jenn