My name is Ryanna,

but you can call me Ry.

(Like the bread, which, ironically, I don't eat.)

I'm a city-girl turned nature-lover living on family land in rural South Carolina and healing generations of chronic-illness with a lifestyle centered around nature, family, and clean eating. 

I awoke to the power of my own body and mind during my journey with pregnancy and childbirth in 2008, and since then have been passionately guiding others to connect with
their own inner healer.

I am a board certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC) trained at Duke Integrative Medicine and I ran a very successful practice for nearly 10 years, helping hundreds of women experience healing in their bodies and minds.

I often became frustrated working with clients with chronic illness who were "stuck" and couldn't seem to access healing with diet and lifestyle shifts. Honestly, I identified as one of them. 

When I read The Body Keeps the Score and realized I was experiencing my chronic illness as a result of unresolved trauma, everything changed. 

My spiritual journey was deepening at this time, I was working with an Ancestral Healing Guide and my mind was blown as I experienced physical healing simply by going on a guided Journey within myself.

I knew my work was to not just help women access healing in their bodies and minds, but in their spirits as well. 

I became a Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator in 2021, trained through a rigorous program, Pause, and I found my gifting at guiding individuals into their own sacred healing potential.

I have been studying with and using psychedelics for healing for 5 years.

I believe nervous system regulation is a critical component in healing, trauma can be resolved through the body, your spiritual life matters, and a little bit of mushrooms can go a long way!

Transformational healing is available to you when you go within and access your innate wisdom. 

I am not your healer, you are. I am a guide for your healing. 

I am humbly practicing self-healing right alongside you, learning more every day about what it means to live in integrity with myself, make decisions from a place of alignment, and love myself even when it feels totally freaking impossible. 

We all need guidance and support to integrate the complex facets of healing! 

One of my gifts as a guide is my sense of knowing.

After only a few minutes with a person, I understand how to guide them, what they need to focus on, and how to package it so that it is received without overwhelm.

I hold sacred space with your safety in mind. 

I share my gifts inside my online membership, in private journeywork here in Aiken SC, and at special events and retreats. 

I would be honored to support you on your journey to heal.

The image below is of me in one of my first plant medicine experiences in 2018.

Get in on the healing! 

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